Policy Purpose

Fossil Creek Farm Trust is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for the prevention of work related injuries and ill health and to act in compliance with our legal and other obligations, including New Zealand standards and Codes of Practice relevant to Trust.

Policy Statement(s)

All employees, contractors, and volunteers have a responsibility to observe safe work practices, rules and instructions to ensure safety for themselves and others at all times.

Policy Implementation and Related Documents

  • Fossil Creek Farm Trust Accident/Incident/Near Miss reporting form
  • Fossil Creek Farm Trust Police Vetting Policy Policy Scope

This policy covers all Fossil Creek Farm Trust; it’s employees, contractors, sub-contractors, volunteers and clients.

Policy Details

Fossil Creek Farm Trust regards workplace Health and Safety as the responsibility of ALL employees, contractors and sub-contractors throughout it’s operations. Fossil Creek Farm Trust is committed to the protection of it’s employees, contractors, clients, visitors and volunteers from accidental injury or ill-health. Inherent in this policy is the commitment of Fossil Creek Trust Board to provide an environment that continuously seeks to improve Health and safety performance of the trust. To achieve the above:

  1. Fossil Creek Farm Trust will
    1. Provide and maintain; a safe and healthy workplace, taking in to account the statutory requirements, regulations, standards and codes of practice
    2. Eliminate hazards or minimise risks arising from work so far as reasonably practicable
    3. Ensure the senior leadership of Fossil Creek Farm Trust demonstrates proactive leadership in safe work practices and show a duty of care to staff members and others working or present within the workplace.
    4. Continually review all workplace hazards and record these in a workplace hazard register
    5. Accurately record and report all workplace incidents, accidents, near misses and unsafe conditions so that corrective actions can be undertaken.
    6. Fossil Creek Farm Trust is committed to eliminating hazards or minimising risks arising from work so far as reasonably practicable.
  2. Trust staff are expected to:
    1. Take reasonable care of their own safety and ensure that their actions do not adversely affect the health and safety of others
    2. Work in a safe and healthy environment and in an efficient way at all times
    3. Accurately report incidents, accidents and near misses or hazards that have led, or may lead to injury or ill-health, and assist with any investigations that may arise
    4. Adhere to safe procedures and practices as determined by Fossil Creek Farm Trust.

Legislative Compliance Considerations

  • Health & safety at Work Act 2015
  • Employment Relations Act 2000
  • Health & safety at work (General Risk & Workplace Management) Regulations 2016
  • Health & Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017
  • Health & safety at work (Worker Engagement, Participation and Representation) Regulations 2016
  • Accident Compensations Act 2001
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