Kelsea Devine

Social Worker

Tena koutou, Ko Kelsea toku ingoa. I grew up in Richmond with my Mum, Dad, older brother and sister, and two labradors. We spent a lot of time travelling the North and South islands of Aotearoa, as well as yearly Totaranuicamping trips. I believe this is where my passion for nature and being outdoors began.

Everyday I find something to appreciate in nature. I love nothing more than helping people realise their worth, a road trip with my partner, and a good animal cuddle. I was born and raised around dogs, sometimes as a child I would even eat beside them, so to say I have a soft spot for them is an understatement. I love dogs because of their unconditional love and affection for their loved ones. Coming to the end of my college years, it became increasingly obvious that I did not want to leave for university, so I enrolled for the Bachelor of Social Work at NMIT. Over those four years of study, I had the privilege of completing work experience From Kai Rescue to Alexandra Hospital and Presbyterian Support. I have also completed four years as a disability support worker under Disability Support Services. From these experiences, I have become the empathetic, client centred social worker I have always hoped to become. I am blessed to be able to connect with such a variety of people on a personal level, and have the freedom to facilitate visits that are adapted to suit the individual’s needs.

The farm to me is a unique place where people can come and express themselves in an inclusive, safe community of people and animals. I love observing the trust and companionship develop between a client and an animal as they spend more time together, especially when Will the donkey moves in for an extra scratch. If I had to pick three animals to bring home from the farm, I would choose Will the donkey for his companionship, Echo the dog for her caring nature, and Billie the goat for his ability to see the good in everyone. Mai i te Kōpae ke te Urupa, tātou ako tonu ai –from the cradle to the grave we are forever learning.

Disclaimer: We are not a registered Health Provider. Our services compliment your professional health providers.